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How to Tie a Triangle Scarf

Scarves are one of the most versatile, adaptable additions to your wardrobe. They’re trend-transcendent and they keep you warm in the wintry months! A triangle scarf, in particular, is always an engaging knit. Their timeless shape provides room for endless varieties of fascinating stitch patterns and colorwork.

Of all the shapes scarves can take, the classic triangle reminds us of our favorite 19th century literary ladies—the Gothic Brontë sisters, Jane Austen heroines, and the wise (and gossipy) women of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford. We’ve had a blast exploring updated ways to wear a few of our favorite triangle scarves!

The Pinking Shears Scarf (pictured knit in Isager Spinni Wool 1) has a roomy, triangular shape and is almost more of a shawl. That gives you plenty of wearing options and promises to keep you nice and warm.

With the point of your scarf in front and the ends wrapped around your neck in a casual front knot, you get the look of a cowl with a bit of layered scrunch close to your neck for extra warmth.
This style is for the modern day Jane Eyre—rather than the point centered on your back, it’s over one of your shoulders. Toss the ends lightly around your neck.
Show off the pretty edging of this scarf by letting the point be the central focus, like an oversized kerchief. The ends are loosely knotted near your neck.

When styling the Seashore Kerchief (knit here in Hemp for Knitting allhemp6), be sure to show off that pretty, shell-like lace edging. Our designers came up with two sizes—a neat bandana and a sweet ‘scarflet.’

Worn bandana style—with point in front and knotted in back—this little kerchief becomes a fun, homey accessory.
Protect your neck from the sun and add a touch of charm to your outfit with a little front knot.
The lacy shell motif of this triangle scarf is on full display with the point worn in front, and the ends freely looped around your neck.
For the true romantic—wear the point at the center of your back and knot loosely in front.
This look starts with the point at the center of your back. Knot in front, near your throat, to show off the frothy ends of this scarf.

Our Simple Sideways Triangle Scarf (knit in Daruma Genmou) has a long, shallow shape and a generous wingspan—which means it’s entirely suited to a flock of creative styles!

With the widest part of this scarf across your front and the ends tied near your neck, the sassy tassels steal the scene!
This scarf is a lovely layer when it’s simply draped around your shoulders, ends tucked together in the front.
A triangular scarf can serve the same, warming purpose as a cowl, when bundled closely around your neck. Be sure to let those tassels dangle!
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