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Can I sell items I knit from Churchmouse patterns?

So sorry, but our patterns are intended for personal enjoyment, not commercial gain. We hold to that rule for large companies and—unfortunately—we have to hold to it for individual knitters, too. You may knit Churchmouse patterns to sell for charity, and you certainly don’t need our permission to knit for a friend—even if they pay for the yarn and needles and maybe feed you cookies while you work. But if you sell something made from someone else’s design, it runs against copyright and the spirit of our intentions. That said, there is no reason why you can’t make up your own original design based on what you love about ours. It could take time and some trial and error, but design can be a very fulfilling process and you’ll end up with something you control completely. Hope this explains our philosophy and sparks your creativity, and that you’ll continue to enjoy our patterns.

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